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Teo is a freelance and full-stack developer based in Ehime, Japan with a passion for building digital services/stuff he wants. He has a knack for all things relating to launching products, from planning and designing all the way to solving real-life problems with code. When not online, he loves hanging out with his guitar, a Pokemon emulator, and a stock chart. Currently, he is living off of his own product called ThinkTradeProfit.com.


1987Born in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA.
2008Worked as .Net Developer at National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA).
2009Worked as Electrical Engineering Lab Proctor at Colorado State University.
2013Completed the Bachelor's Program in the College of Business at Colorado State University
2013Relocated to Ainan-chou, Ehime, Japan on the JET Program
2016Worked as Assistant JET Program Coordinator for Consulate General of Japan in Los Angeles
2017Worked as Shikoku Instructor Manager/四国エリア課長 for NOVA Holdings.
2021Founded ThinkTradeProfit.com and began providing B2C coding services for technical stock indicators.

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